Joanne Young – President & Founder, Greenery Office Interiors Ltd.

Greenery Office Interiors an interior plant design and office plant rental company serving Calgary photo of Joanne Young
Joanne Young, a 40+ year veteran in the Interior Landscaping Industry, is a transplanted Easterner. Growing up in Burlington Ontario, she headed to Calgary to seek fame and fortune after teaching elementary school in Ontario for 5 years. She stumbled into the industry which was in its infancy in Calgary in the late 70’s and Greenery Office Interiors Ltd. was born. By focussing on excellent customer service, Greenery managed to stake a claim in Calgary and hasn’t looked back.

Among Greenery’s many award winning projects, two stand out with International recognition. The Winter Garden in Jamieson Place, is home to one of the largest Interior Living Walls in North America. Along with its amazing bamboo garden, this magical retreat and multi award winning project was called, the “Interiorscape Installation of the Decade”. Greenery’s most recent award winning Living Wall project is “The Staghorn” an amazing project built in partnership with Green Over Grey. Besides recognition for state of the art Living Walls, Greenery has also been recognized for other installations and projects such as the Nexen Atrium, The Sheraton and Hyatt Hotels and in 2014, an amazing company project of multi coloured planters for an oil company head office. With creative marketing skills and an outstanding reputation in the community, Young was named the Western Regional winner in the Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year in 1999. Young is often called upon to participate in Industry forums, articles for publications, judge for competitions, and a guest speaker.

In 2014, Young joined a group of exceptional Interiorscapers and founded Pinnacle V. This International Peer Group, with members throughout North America works on best-practices and the group invests in personal, professional and financial growth of their lives and businesses. Young’s love of teaching and plants is now coming together as Greenery is assisting schools in the Calgary area with Living Wall installations. For more information, have a look around our site or check out Young can also be followed on Twitter as @greengaljo.