I was the recipient of a “Travelling Plant” at the CREW event last week. Everyone was very excited several women attracted by my good looks and of course the plant had pictures taken. George Brookman and I decide we should take her/him with us for a night cap. When we got to the bar we met a lovely woman named Ashley from West Virginia and she and others from the CREW event joined us for a night cap. Because Ashley was from out of town from the US we decided the plant should be named West Virginia. When the plant heard the name its little Levesque puffed up with pride so we knew we chose well. Ashley is back in West Virginia but left cherishing the night and of course the naming process. I also think she liked me better than George. Several people attending wrote I’m West Virginia’s diary and she now sits -proudly on a table with a view to the back garden. Where will West Virginia go next? Stay tuned but we have a plan.