Interiorscapers show solidarity for sheltering in place and physical distancing with launch of local and worldwide social media #StayPlanted campaigns

CALGARY, Alta. — To help advance the vital messages the world is receiving locally, nationally and globally from governments to shelter-in-place and maintain physical distance from others in order to help flatten the COVID-19 curve, a multi-national coalition of interior plantscaping companies has recently launched a social media initiative to – quite literally – #StayPlanted.

The #StayPlanted initiative encourages solidarity for sheltering in place and maintaining physical distance from other people throughout the ongoing global coronavirus crisis, as directed by our hardworking health professionals and government representatives.

In addition to encouraging everyone to follow current public health protocol, this creative #StayPlanted campaign provides the added bonus of encouraging individuals to place plants in windows throughout their homes – which for many are now serving as temporary workplaces – and share pictures of their various flowers and greenery on their social media channels, accompanied by this unique hashtag, to showcase just how much plants can help heal both mental and physical health, especially during difficult times such as being in quarantine.

“Most people love their indoor plants for how they look, but many don’t realize the huge health benefits that come from access to plants and greenery,” points out Mike Senneff, president of Green Plants for Green Buildings.

Greenery is often touted for its many mental health benefits. Studies conducted over many years prove that access to plant life can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as overall stress levels, both at home and at work. These living, thriving beautiful creations – grounded and growing in the simplicity of earth, light and water – can also help improve mood levels, boosting positive attributes such as concentration, focus and motivation.

According to a case study survey, 88 per cent of respondents said having direct views and access to the natural elements, while working indoors, ultimately improved their senses of overall health and well-being.

The #StayPlanted initiative highlights an innovative and fun way for people to stay positive during shelter-in-place and physical distancing directives. As many of us are literally “planted” at home, maintaining our own physical health and mental health, as well as our overall well-being as both individuals and communities, have become important priorities that we must respect while getting through this global crisis together.

“Quite simply, being surrounded by plants just makes everyone feel good!” Greenery Office Interiors president and founder Joanne Young said.

“And in tough times such as these, it is especially comforting to have ‘green’ in your home, in your office – right on your desk – where you are working daily,” said Young, who has been running her Alberta-based interior landscaping company, also known as #GreeneryCalgary, for more than four decades.

“We know for a fact that plants heal so please join our #StayPlanted campaign today!”

The #StayPlanted initiative is also showing us how plants can provide green-leafed companionship during times of social isolation.

“Plants bring me calm,” Olds College student Kelsie Anderson said. “They connect me with nature, they supply me with clean air, and they give me purpose.”

“The plants in my home are very important to me,” Anderson added. “Naturally, my response to isolation has been to propagate cuttings from my plants to make more.”

By placing plants in windows and sharing pictures and personal stories, the #StayPlanted campaign hopes to provide encouragement to others by sharing a bit of greenery joy to help us get through this tough time together.

“Now, more than ever, people are longing for connection and for ways to remain grounded,” said Jill Jenson, who runs her own tropical plant supply company, Jill Jenson Botanicals, out of Newcastle, Ont.

“Many have found such relief by turning to houseplants,” Jenson said. “I can’t recall a time when having plants in our personal spaces has been of such importance. I’m hearing so many stories of solace, peace and hope being provided through the act of nurturing plants.”

With finding hope, peace and solace in mind during this difficult time, #GreeneryCalgary encourages you to please share your own plant stories, and follow the #StayPlanted hashtag across all social media platforms, to stay connected with other people from around the world who feel that #PlantsHeal and are #GoingGreen to get and stay mentally and physically healthy while staying – and hopefully working, living and thriving at home – just like their greenery, through this unique time in global history.

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