To our valued clients;

Greenery Office Interiors Ltd. would like to provide several updates as March comes to an end and we enter the month of April not yet knowing when life will return to what will certainly be a new normal for us all.

Firstly, we would like to re-emphasize that we always put the health, safety and well-being of both our employees and clients first, and we urge everyone to take all necessary precautions recommended and mandated by our governments and health leaders municipally, provincially, nationally and globally. Following the rules will help slow the spread of COVID-19 and help us all get back to our everyday lives much sooner.

According to Building Operations, we are considered to be an essential service since we care for living, breathing greenery that requires regular attention and maintenance in order to survive.

After a brief break in services, while we initially evaluated the emerging coronavirus situation, including how to deal with sudden businesses closures and how we could continue to enter facilities safely to service your greenery, we now have a comprehensive plan in place and have resumed regular services whenever and wherever possible. The only exceptions to this are buildings that we cannot access due to government regulations during this state of emergency.

Sadly, the buildings we cannot access at this time are the senior residences within our communities because the people who live there are some of the most vulnerable of our population. We must all do our due diligence to protect susceptible individuals, including senior citizens and those with compromised immune systems. We will continue to do our part by respecting current regulations.

We very much look forward to returning to our senior residences once restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so for all involved. We can’t wait to get back inside to interact with our lovely clients in these facilities and work hard to brighten their living spaces with the plants and greenery we know they so cherish.

Like every individual and company, we are navigating this ever-evolving global health emergency the best we can on a daily basis. The safety plan we have in place to protect employees and clients alike while servicing your facilities during this time period includes staff members wearing protective equipment such as gloves, employees washing their hands and sanitizing themselves fully before entering and exiting all buildings, and using environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies to keep your greenery installations completely sanitary and safe. In fact, continuing our services will help ensure your plants not just remain alive and thriving, but also remain clean and safe in your work environments.

Our employees are equipped with the tools and knowledge to do their job safely, and we are in touch daily to ensure that they are safe and healthy. We are caring for your plants, living walls and other greenery with your health and safety at top of mind. These are extraordinary times and we are working hard to adjust our services as needed and work closely with our clients to meet your unique business needs.

We are very fortunate to have incredible employees, many of whom are more concerned for the health of your plants than they are for their own health. Their dedication to Greenery is admirable and appreciated. In fact, if we did not have their consistent commitment and support through this coronavirus crisis, our 43-year-old business could very well be shutting its doors right now. We hope this does not happen and plan to be in business for many more years to come.

In order to ensure the well-being of our dedicated and talented staff, we have guaranteed their full salary during the COVID-19. It is our hope that you, our valued clients, will keep this in mind, by continuing to support Greenery and our employees when you are paying your invoices for March. We will continue to work with you to meet your client needs and are absolutely committed to getting back to full business as usual when it is safe to do so for us all.

We are aware of federal government programs available to us and will apply for them when and where we can so that we can continue to keep our doors open and service all of our wonderful clients. We also hope that more government programs will become available for small businesses like us; for instance, funding to create and replace plants and living walls that may not survive as a result of not being able to service greenery in some facilities regularly. We are hopeful our governments will come through with this financial support.

We also have some employees currently accessing government services. Specifically, four staff members have family members with compromised immune systems and have therefore opted for Employment Insurance (EI) so that they can stay out of the workplace and safe at home while we work through these challenges together.

We are very hopeful that we will retain the clients we have and that we will be back to work fully sooner rather than later. We miss our clients, our plants and our daily passion for what we do to make workplaces healthier and happier spaces for all.

In the grand scheme of what’s happening in the world right now, plants may not seem that important, but we must continue to look to the future. When people come back to your office, we want your live, thriving, beautiful plants to help heal and provide comfort to your own clients and employees, especially following this incredibly emotionally trying time for everyone.

If you are working from home now, we recommend that you pick up a potted plant or a beautiful bouquet when you go out for essential supplies at a grocery store or market. Be sure to follow all safety precautions before going out, of course, but why not pick up a plant to perk up your daily life during this difficult time. Put your plant beside your computer while you work from home. Put a bouquet on your dinner table when you come together for dinner with your family members. We guarantee that greenery will make you feel better. Living, growing plants are incredible tools for mental health improvement and we can all use some major mood boosters right now.

Greenery is a proud Calgary-based and woman-owned business and we are forever grateful for your business over the past 43 years. We look forward to continuing to work with you again very soon and for a very long time to come.

Thank you again for your continued support Please stay healthy and safe.

Yours truly,
Jo Young
Greenery Office Interiors Ltd.