How do you get all the aesthetic benefits of having plants in your office space without having to worry about maintenance and optimal lighting? 

Look no further than replica plants to outfit your space! 


Wait…what’s a replica plant? We call them replica plants, but they’re also referred to as artificial, faux,  and fake. If you’ve seen artificial plants before you may be thinking they’re dusty, outdated, and fake looking. We’ve come a long way from that though, and replica plants can be really convincing, to the point that you have to walk up and feel them to see if they’re real or not. 


Do replica plants still supply all the benefits that live plants do? 

Not all of them, for instance replica plants don’t photosynthesize, so they don’t clean the air and supply oxygen. However, they can provide benefits of biophilia, which is the innate tendency for people to seek connection with other living beings. Although replica plants aren’t living, they can still help people feel connected with life. That’s really powerful, especially in today’s society where many people spend a majority of their time indoors. Replica plants can also reduce noise, the large surface area that the faux plants provide absorbs sound to reduce the amount of ambient noise, meaning less echo.


If your office space feels sterile and unwelcome but you don’t have a budget for maintenance, or if you’re just not interested in having soil and water and living plants in your office then replica plants could be the solution. 

Take a look at these beautiful faux walls that were installed by our interiorscaping partner Get Foster Plants in Miami. These walls are living proof that replica plants can elevate a design with little maintenance, and zero worry. If you have any questions about replica plants, and if you’re interested in faux living walls please reach out to us at for more info. 

Prepared By: Kelsie Anderson – Sales and Design Consultant