Okay so here is the diary so far: May 11 @8:00 I won the table draw for a beautiful plant known as a travelling plant. @8:30 George ad I went to the bar at the Palliser. We me Ashley Hager who was sitting at the next table so we introduced her to the plant. And she agreed to join us. Shea’s in town from West Virginia to conduct an audit. After a rousing rendition of “Country Rose Take Me Home to the place I Belong etc it was obvious the name of the plant would be WEST VIRGINIA this made Ashley very happy. Several others from theCREW Dinner joined us. 8:40 everyone was commenting that West Virginia should slow down as she was getting rowdy. 8:45 West Virginia mentioned there were so many women talking she couldn’t hear the men speak 9:50 Sandra wrote friendships fun and new friends 9:55 some one wrote something intelligible about the best of life. 10:15 we all left to go home, West Virginia had one last drink