I Loved You, Mrs. Morrison

You have no idea how these words affected me when I stumbled onto a blog recently. These words, written by a former student, shook me up! You see, back in the olden days, in my teaching days, I worked with Mrs. Morrison, and yes, everyone did love her. She made learning fun and I loved what she brought to the classroom and I like to think that I emulated her. Although I was a teacher for only 5 years, before moving to Calgary, they were very significant years in my life.
I loved teaching, I started very young, often being mistaken for a student when I was 20 years old. I taught in Mississauga, Ontario and then moved to London, Ontario in 1973. The student in question, was in my grade 5 class in 1974. He was a brilliant young man, an incredible writer and illustrator even at his young age. He was also a bit of a smart aleck but enjoyable just the same. I was very disappointed when he left my class in the middle of the year. Why do I even remember him?

My parents who lived in London for many years, purchased a piece of art at a fundraiser for Cerebral Palsy and when they moved, they passed it on to me. First of all, my daughter, Darby, has Cerebral Palsy, and the artist was Nick Hall, this former student. Hanging that piece of art in my house, it was a constant reminder of this young man, such a talent, and I often wondered what happened to him in his life? I think, like most teachers, we often wonder what happened to certain students. Did the ones who made you laugh hysterically go on to use humor in their lives to make a living? Did the incredibly clever ones go to great heights in their careers? Were those gifted athletes able to go on to college and university making the very best use of those athletic skills? Did those loving and caring individuals become wonderful parents and create children who replicate their values in life? Oh yes, then there were the troubled kids, the ones who disrupted the class constantly, whose troubled home lives affected everything and everyone around them, were they able to turn those troubled lives into productive lives?
It amazes me that after teaching for merely 5 years, it would affect my life in such a positive way.
For forty years now, I have been a business owner. I have employed many people in those years. I feel that my culture is one of caring for others, caring for plants and people because that is my business.
Are there students out there who remember me, like Mrs. Morrison? I sure hope so. The impact a teacher can have on a student is profound. But if not, I hope the same can be said about me as an employer. I hope they remember that people matter, that being a caring individual is so much more important then the monetary success you might achieve in business. As I celebrate this year, my 40th year in business, I have rekindled friendships with some employees who were a part of my life many years ago. At a recent reunion, I listened to stories and laughter and thought to myself, how lucky am I to have had these people in my life?
And believe it or not, one came back to Greenery after decades away and we welcomed her smiling face with open arms. Thank you Sandi!
At our recent Christmas dinner, I looked around and saw wonderful happy faces. These are the people that make up our team at Greenery. They simply love what they do. But it is not just the plants, it is the people. Every week they come into your offices and they are warmly greeted. So I would like to thank you for creating a climate of warmth and welcome. Thank you for understanding the need for “Green” in your workspace. Thank you for choosing us!

2017 Highlights

Over the past year we hired wonderful new employees, we welcomed many fabulous new clients, introduced new Living Wall systems, created amazing Moss walls and Moss and Succulent pictures, had employees on top of buildings doing Green Roof maintenance, installed colorful and festive Christmas décor and one of us had a baby!



Travelling plants

In honour of our 40th Business year, we had “travelling plants” throughout the city showing their goodness. One plant travelled to Ottawa, had a bike tour, boat ride and celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday and others attended yoga classes, lunch and learns, pottery class and Tim Horton’s. I was thrilled to see how our clients embraced this fun activity by writing in journals and taking pictures.

Awards in 2017

I was part of a team presentation on Living Walls in July in Columbus, Ohio where we also received 2 International Awards at Cultivate 17, a Platinum award for the Nexen Garden and a Gold Design award for Barclay Centre.


I received a “Calgary Award” in the category of Commerce in September and I was nominated by our long- term employee and new Team Leader, Linda Anderson. What a thrill to be acknowledged in this way, in my 40th year of business.


Fanatical Service

We ended the year with an incredible letter about “fanatical service”, which put a great smile on my face. When you are in the service industry, this is what you live for.

I would say, it was a “Great Year!”

To all of our clients, friends and employees Happy New Year!
I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings our way!


PS. If you are thinking that you need to upgrade your Christmas décor next year, give us a call!